Ash Cottage revised planning application

Ash Cottage on Loxley Road faces renewed demolition application

As you may be aware, developers have submitted fresh plans to demolish the historic Ash Cottage on Loxley Road, despite their original application being thrown out unanimously by Sheffield city councillors.

The detached stone-built cottage is one of just four distinctive ‘sideways-on’ houses along Loxley Road. A carved stone in its frontage records its date of construction in 1885. It featured a distinctive ash tree as the centrepiece of its garden until this was cut down recently.

The owner of the house applied in 2018 for planning permission to demolish it and replace it with two five-bedroom houses. The application was rejected in January 2020 by the city council’s Planning and Highways Committee.

Councillors ruled that the plans would constitute overdevelopment and would not be in keeping with the character of the area. They said the proposals did not comply with the Loxley Valley Design Statement and were inconsistent with local and national planning policies.

The owners have now submitted a revised application to demolish Ash Cottage and replace it with two slightly smaller new houses, (down from five bedrooms to four).

Local people have until Wednesday March 4th to comment on the proposals. To date, 16 people have voiced strong objections.

If you wish to make your views known, you may wish to cite the policies of the Loxley Valley Design Statement, which can be found on this website.



Zoe Butterworth

This application could go to committee on 2nd june, during lockdown where only one person can speak for and against the application. I am keeping a very close eye on it and will update with any news.

Sherene fogg

This was my grandads house and was in the ward family for many many years I have very vivid memories of being inside my great grandparents house and the little kitchen. My brother and I used to play around the gardens and the big tree it can’t be pulled down to so some developers can make money … if I’d of known it went to auction my family would have bought it and developed it to today’s standards… there is going to be nothing left for us to show our children’s children where we were from sad greedy world

glynis lidster

Many discussions have been taking place regarding the demolition of perfectly good houses to make way for more out of character housing. I walked passed Ash Cottage yesterday and was quite taken aback to see the notice of further development that could possibly take place. There will soon be no buildings that have character and real history.

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