Hepworth application consultation deadline

Deadline for Loxley valley township planning objections is now mid June

This planning notification on Long Lane (above) confirms that the deadline for comments to Sheffield City Council over the proposed Loxley valley township is now mid June.

The extended deadline follows correspondence between Friends of the Loxley Valley and the council’s planning department.

We were concerned that site notices were missing and neighbour notification letters had arrived late.

We understand the pressures facing planning officers as they try to work from home during lockdown.

But we also think it’s vital that local people have time to properly assess the 1400 pages of planning application documents.

We are pleased to say we had a constructive response. The deadline for comments has now been extended.

The new deadline is mid June

The planning notice in the photograph is dated 22nd May. It says clearly that comments on the planning application “must be received (by the council) within 25 days” of that date.

By our calculations this means the end of the ‘Standard Consulation Period’ is now Tuesday 16th June.

But we think it would be prudent not to leave things to the last minute. We suggest you submit your views no later than Monday 15th June.

How to make your views known

Any concerned person has the right to submit views to the planning department up to the date of the final decision, (i.e. the eventual meeting of the Planning and Highways Committee).

But your views will carry most weight if they reach the planning officer during the ‘Standard Consultation Period’.

This is the date we refer to above, i.e. it ends on Tuesday 16th June.

Submission by this date means the planning officer must consider your views before preparing the report that they will submit to councillors.

You can submit your views by posting them on the city council ‘planning portal’:

Many of you have told us that you have struggled to connect to the planning portal despite repeated attempts.

In this case, you also have the right to submit your comments by email, quoting planning application reference number 20/01301/OUT

This is the email address for comments: planningapps@sheffield.gov.uk

If you continue to have difficulties submitting your views, please let us know.

However you decide to do it, please do make your views known. Every local opinion counts!


An absolutely STUPID IDEA.
REALLY, you need to ask.

Angela starkey

I object to the building of 300 houses, in Loxley valley. I personally think that these new builds will ruin all the beautiful scenery and will interfere with all the nature and animals that are in the area. I believe that this will also cause a lot of traffic in the peaceful area.

Jodie Connolly

This is absolutely shocking, if it’s not bad enough Sheffield City Council accepted planning permission at the bottom of Stannington Road for a new Lidl ( like we needed another one). I totally oppose this idea, not only because of it spoiling the natural beauty, but it’s killing wildlife, it will cause more pollution, but plain and simply because it is wrong and a very bad idea. Also Sheffield City Council is currently Labour well if this goes ahead it won’t be Labour anymore, Labour will be non existent.

I think we all know what happens when houses are built on a flood plain. Dumb idea apart from spoiling the fabulous beauty of this area.

Julian Morton

A really bad idea,not a suitable plac

Chloe Thomas

Please don’t do this. This is such a beautiful area. One of the few unspoilt places in which nature can thrive. Please don’t destroy the habitats of thousands of innocent creatures. Let them continue to live in their home. We have a responsibility to protect the world’s creatures, from the hedgehogs, to the bats, to the bees – our ignorance is deadly to them.

Michael Wadkin

I am ashamed that this is even a consideration. Yesterday I saw the new Avant houses that are now built on the old brick factory and even though I live close by I was not aware of this build and I fail to see how it was a good idea to build here. Sheffield has three beautiful valleys in Mayfield,Rivelin and Loxley and I would prefer to keep these Sheffield jewels as they are. There has to be a better place to put a new build as building in Loxley is just wrong on so many levels.

Absolutely ridiculous idea!Loxley road is a death trap already, never mind 300 new houses, may I add that more than likely, they’ll be more than one car to each house so traffic will see a bigggg increase. I have two horses and have to ride on Loxley road every time I want to hack to get to bridleways. The amount of near misses I’ve already had on this awful road due to people driving inconsiderately and being so very impatient are only going to rise if they go ahead with this! It’s only a matter of time before one of us gets hit or even more so loses our life, maybe then someone may put some changes into place!!

I agree with all the above, and being local and a regular vistor/runner to the area, I have noticed within the last 6 months that there has been an increased level of vandalism, this could of course be one of two things, pure and simple vandalism, or an concerted effort by the parties connected to the building project to make the proposed area look as unsightly as possible to boost there chances of getting the decision they want. either way, this idea of putting 300+ homes on this sight is crazy, but nothing surprises me these days, look at what happened at dysons….another eye sore!

I agree with all the above. The building of 300 houses will be detrimental to the existing surrounding communities in many ways. Waiting lists to see doctors and dentists are already full. School capacity for more children is not possible. Traffic on Holme Lane is already at a standstill at peak times. Add to this traffic at the proposed new Lidl supermarket at the bottom of Stannington Road and you have gridlock. Poor air quality follows on. It is on a flood plain. The river swift and is in a steep sided valley. Messing with the environs of the river is increased flood potential from Malin Bridge, through Sheffield and Rotherham. People come before profit.

This is such a terrible idea!! There are already so many houses in this area. Building 300 houses is going to disturb wildlife, pollute the area more, increase the amount of traffic and simply just ruin such a beautiful area. Other than creating more housing (which will more than likely be extremely expensive considering they will be new builds in such a nice area), this proposal brings nothing positive to the community. Instead of building so many houses to make one person/business lots of money, why not revamp/use the spaces where the abandoned factories are to create jobs for people, e.g a fishing shop, a local fruit shop etc. 300 houses in Loxley valley is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

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