Loxley Valley Design Statement

Loxley Valley Design Statement

The Loxley Valley Design Statement was published in 2003 following extensive consultation with the local community. It was produced and published by the Loxley Valley Design Group.

The Design Statement includes detailed planning guidelines that have been adopted by both Sheffield City Council and the Peak Park Planning Authority.

These planning guidelines are known as “supplementary planning guidance”. This means that they should be referred to and, when appropriate, adhered to by people who wish to build in the valley or to make significant changes to the local landscape.

The Loxley Valley Design Statement, including the supplementary planning guidance, is now available as a pdf document. Please feel free to read it, to refer to it and to share it.

The Loxley Valley Design Group still meets as and when appropriate to make sure that the Design Statement still has a voice when needed in formulating local planning policy. Design Group members work jointly with Friends of the Loxley Valley and can be contacted through the email address on this website.