Friends of the Loxley Valley fundraising leaflets

Friends of the Loxley Valley launch ‘virtual’ leaflet drive to publicise fighting fund

Friends of the Loxley Valley have launched a ‘virtual’ leaflet drive to publicise our ‘Save Loxley valley’ fighting fund appeal.

As we write this, the Covid emergency is at its height. The Government’s chief medical officer has urged us to think very carefully every time we leave the house.

So we have shelved plans to ask our members to deliver thousands of leaflets around our community.

Instead we are making our latest campaign leaflet available for download on this website.

And we are asking everyone who supports us to help to spread the word.

How you can help us

We won’t repeat everything we’ve said in the leaflet. It will speak for itself, we hope.

Our aim is to help everyone locally to understand the challenge we face at the planning inquiry in April. And why we need to raise thousands of pounds to make our case!

Like our previous leaflets, it’s double sided. The first side doubles up as a poster for noticeboards and everyone’s windows. The second side updates things in more detail.

Please download it. Share it on social media. Email it to your personal contacts. Tell your family, friends and neighbours about it. Print a copy and post it in your window. Put a copy on your local noticeboard if we haven’t got there yet ourselves.

If you can think of other ideas, so much the better! We need to do all we can to spread the word so that supporters who can afford it can chip in to the fighting fund.

The Covid challenge

Patrick Properties submitted their planning application to build a new township on the old Hepworth site after the Covid crisis had begun.

Since then, we haven’t been able to hold a meeting to let people in the community talk to each other.

We haven’t been able to sit down in a room together to plan our campaign.

And we haven’t been able to go to the offices of our councillors and MPs to discuss our concerns.

We were not able to go to the Town Hall for the usual planning meeting and to lobby for support.

Now we face a ‘virtual’ planning inquiry in April, and our ability to communicate with everyone is constrained.

But with your help we hope we can continue to spread the message. The support has been humbling and amazing so far. Thank you!

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